Double-Headed Coin of Queen Elizabeth II

27 Jan 2017  Fri

Queen Elizabeth II is the first and the only British Monarch to have reigned for 65 years. Pobjoy mint is celebrating Sapphire Jubilee of the Queen by releasing a ‘double-headed’ coin with an exclusive portrait of Queen Elizabeth and a maximum mintage limit of 1,952 (195 being the year when the Queen was enthroned)! The Queen is facing right on the obverse and left on the reverse. The obverse in struck in relief and the reverse in incuse. The incuse effect on the reverse is highlighted by striking it in reverse proof, alternating the frosting and the proof finish. The coins are struck four times to attain the mirror finish.

The coins come in an acrylic capsule in a suede effect insert. They are then put in a red box along with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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