Ajanta Cave Painting

29 Dec 2016  Thu

Hey…Today again we have brought something which is very artistic.
We have already written about Phad Painting and Miniature Painting .

Well… today will be glimpsing at Ajanta Paintings. We all are familiar with Ajanta Cave. They are one of the oldest UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India. The carvings and paintings at Ajanta date back to the beginning of the era of classical Indian art.

India issued a commemorative stamp of 20 Paisa depicting one of the most popular Ajanta Cave Painting.

The painting portrays bodhisattva, Avalokitesvara. The term "bodhisattva" refers to a person that has been awakened by the Buddhist spirit.

In the painting, his body shown tan, darkened only by the locks of curly hair, is delicate and elegant. He is adorned with pearls and other attributes of traditional Indian jewelry. On his head sits a magnificent crown, which at some point was most likely colored in extreme detail, but over time has faded. His eyes are lowered in a meditative state. His calm, spiritual face sets the tone and mood of the room. In his right hand, he holds a lotus blossom, which may represent his spiritual awakening.

But the Indians misunderstand this painting as a Fresco, which is wrong. This particular is the Mural Painting.

This artistic piece is worth collecting!

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