Nazarana Coin In the Name of King Edward-VIII Issued by Jaipur State

28 Sep 2016  Wed

King Edward VIII’s Copper Nazarana New Paisa was minted by Jaipur princely state during the reign of King Maan Singh II.

Edward VIII left the throne in 1936. The year became a significant event in British history when Britain just came out of Great Depression and going towards World War II. World was changing and so was the governance and monarchy.

This copper new paisa is a nazarana coin which depicts the name of Edward VIII and Maan Singh II with date 1936 AD and reverse feature the Sawai Jaipur Mint with reignal year 15. The inscription on both sides of coin is in Persian Script and covers the whole flan of the coin. This copper coin is part of classical numismatic gallery collection.

King Edward VIII is famously known as the first British Monarch to abdicate the British throne. Edward VIII’s reign nearly lasted for 11 months which makes his coinage important and valuable. .

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