Silver Drachm of Western Kshatrapas ruler Damsena

2024-06-13 Thu

Western Kshatrapas had two prominent houses - The Kshaharatas and Kardamakas. Kardamaka ruled the western and central parts of ancient India till 405 CE.

Damsena, a Kardamaka Western Kshatrap, issued coins in silver, potin and lead. This silver drachm weighs 2.33g, which was issued during his rule in the Saka 160.

Obverse features A bust of the king facing to the right with a corrupt Greek legend around. Saka Date in Brahmi numerals 160 behind the bust of the king. The reverse features Brahmi legend Rajno Mahakshatrapasa Rudrasihasaputrasa Rajno Mahakshatrapasa Damasenasa.

Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatic Gallery