Laxmanrao Kirloskar Commemorative Stamp

01 Jul 2022  Fri

Laxmanrao Kirloskar was born in a Maharashtrian Karhade Brahmin family in 1869. His father, Kashinathpanth was a Vedant-Pandit; therefore, society expected him to follow in the footprints of his father. But, Laxmanrao Kirloskar choose a different path, entered the field of engineering and technology, and turn out to be a successful businessman.

Laxmanrao Kirloskar was a founder of Kirloskar Group. After completing engineering, he started his career as an Assistant Teacher of Mechanical Drawing at Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute (VJTI) on a salary of Rs. 45 per month. 1890, he started his cycle business, where he would buy bicycles in Bombay and sell them; he used to charge Rs. 15 for teaching how to ride. In 1910, he started his factory in an arid wasteland, by the side of a renowned railway station named Kundal Road.

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