Egypt's 200-Pound Note

20 May 2022  Fri

The currency of Egypt is the pound. The Egyptian pound was first put into circulation in 1836. The Central Bank of Egypt issued Egyptian Pound banknotes in 8 different denominations, including this 200 Egyptian Pounds banknote.

The Central Bank of Egypt started issuing these 200 Egyptian Pound banknotes in 2007. They are currently still in circulation. The banknotes are inscribed in both English and Arabic languages Arabic face of the 200-pound note has the picture of the Qanibay Mosque in Cairo, Egypt, and the English face of the 200-pound note with the statue of the Egyptian scribe.

This painted limestone sculpture represents a man in a seated position, presumably a scribe. The figure is dressed in a white kilt stretched to its knees. It is holding a half-rolled papyrus. The Mosque of Qani-Bay is a mosque complex named after Qani-Bay al-Sayfi, nicknamed "al-Rammah", who was Grand Master of the Horse during the reign of Sultan al-Ghuri. It was built between AD 1503 and 1504.

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