Austrian Mint celebrates the Time

01 Apr 2022  Fri

The Austrian Mint’s 2016 colorful niobium coin honors the passage of time. The ringed-bimetallic Euro 25 coin is the newest issue in an annual series that features heat-treated niobium to offer color on the coin.

The obverse of the coin shows the country of the issue Republic of Austria and the face value. Main design devices include an analog clock face in the two-toned niobium core, incorporating Roman numerals for the hours, signs of the zodiac marking astronomical progressions, as well as a chronometer showing seconds and minutes in the outer silver ring.

On the coin’s reverse, ZEIT is inscribed at the bottom, in the outer ring. The sun and moon are featured, along with an hourglass and watch mechanism. A time spiral begins in the ring and extends into the center core. Concurrent digital times in Tokyo, Vienna, and New York City are shown along the right side of the ring.

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