Ishwar Chandra Vidhyasagar Bengali primer Barnaparichay published today in 1855

01 Apr 2022  Fri

Ishwar Chandra Vidhyasagar; was an Indian educator, Sanskrit scholar, writer, educationist, humanist pundit, philanthropist, and social reformer of the 19th Century. He is considered one of the pillars of the Bengali renaissance. He is a well-known writer intellectual and above all a staunch supporter of humanity.

Ishwar Chandra Vidhyasagar was a brilliant student at Sanskrit College, Calcutta, where he received the title Vidhyasagar(Ocean of Learning). In 1850 he was appointed head pandit (scholar-teacher) of Fort William College, Calcutta.

Today in 1855, his first primer Barnaparichay got published. Bharnaparichay is considered one of the most influential primers of Bengal. This primer got published in two parts Part I and Part II. This book is a perfect example of Vidhasagar's knowledge, expertise, and background as a Sanskrit scholar. The success of the first part of the primer inspired Vidyasagar to work on the second part.

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