Kumargupta I Gold Dinar Sold For INR 7,50,000

28 Mar 2022  Mon

Kumargupta I was the emperor of the Gupta Emperor; he was the son of Chandragupta II and queen Dhruvadevi. Kumargupta I, after sitting on the throne; of Gupta Empire, extended his kingdom from Gujarat in the west to the Bengal region in the east.

Kumargupta I was one of the well-known rulers of the Gupta Dynasty. He issued many beauteous coins after sitting on the throne of the Gupta Empire. He tried experimenting with coinage and issued many types of coins.

This ‘Kartikeya’ type, gold dinar, was issued; by Kumargupta I during his rule in Gupta Empire. The weight of this coin is around 8.25g. The obverse side coin depicts the king standing facing left, feeding a peacock from a bunch of fruits held in his right hand, his left hand on his hip, and legend Jayati Svagunair (Gunadhesho) Mahendra Kumarah around. The reverse side of this coin depicts Lord Kartikeya on peacock, facing to left, holding a spear in his left hand over the shoulder and sprinkling pellets (incense) on the altar with his right hand.

This gold dinar was sold for INR 7,50,000 in an auction of Todywalla Auction house, which was held in Mumbai on December 11, 2021.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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