Sao Tome and Principe 200 Dobra Note

22 Mar 2022  Tue

Sao Tome and Principe, a Portuguese-speaking island nation off the western coast of equatorial Africa, issued three new banknotes on 26the Aug 2021 — a 5-dobra note, a 10-dobra note, and a 200-dobra note.

The country’s central bank is switching from polymer back to cotton as a substrate as some notes in suffered from too much wear and tear, including the security elements on the notes, because of the island’s climate. The 200-dobra note is an entirely new design.

The front of the banknotes features the left-facing side profile of Rei Amador – a member of the king of the Angolars and leader of a famous slave rebellion along with butterflies and a coat of arms. The reverse, on the other hand, features Chibi-Ficha: Principe sunbird perched on branch map of Sao Tome and Principe, butterflies, and flowers.

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