Anguiped symbol Indo-Greek Coin

17 Mar 2022  Thu

Anguipedes had serpents for tails or legs and either a rooster, lion, or human head. Abraxas, from Persian origins, was one of the most famous anguiped. He was the ruler of the 365 heavens according to ancient Greecian texts and was called the First Principle. Another well-known anguiped that carried the whip of Helios, the sun god, and a shield was called Elias.

Typhon was depicted as an anguiped in ancient Greco-Roman art close to 400 BC. This silver Drachm of Telephos features Anguipede, the limbs terminating in lotus blossoms on the obverse. The reverse depicts Helios, radiate and holding scepter, standing left, and Selene, wearing crescent diadem, standing right; monogram to lower right.

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