Canada Generations series - Nuliajuk

16 Mar 2022  Wed

The Royal Canadian Mint has launched a new series of collector coins that focuses on the country’s tradition of Indigenous peoples’ storytelling and the art of passing down knowledge and values by word of mouth.

The first legend featured on the first coin in the series comes from the four indigenous regions of Canada which include Inuvialuit, Nunavik, Nunatsiavut, and Nunavut are collectively known as Inuit Nunangat.

Depicted on the first coins in the series is the story of the well-known legend of the sea goddess, a compelling tale of a beautiful Inuk girl who became the sea goddess and mother of all marine mammals after she was tossed into the ocean.

The coins’ reverse is designed by Nunatsiavut artist Jason Sikoak, whose depiction of the sea goddess (also known as Nuliajuk) is seen as she is tossed into the ocean. The long-haired Inuk becomes half-woman and half-fish as she slips deeper beneath the waves, while her fingers take the form of seals that represent all marine mammals.

The obverse features the effigy of HM Queen Elizabeth II created by Susanna Blunt. The denomination of 20 DOLLARS is shown just under the Queen’s likeness.

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