Telugu Chodas of Nellore Gold Debased Gadyana Listed for INR 35000

29 Jan 2022  Sat

This gold Debased Gadyana; was issued by Chodas of Nellore during their rule. The weight of this gold Gadyana is 3.39g; this gold Debased Gadyana; is listed at the estimated price of INR 35000; in the upcoming online auction of Oswal Antiques, which will be held in Mumbai on February 19, 2021.

Nellore of Chodas was the ruling family of the Telugu Chola family. This family claim to be the descent of the famous KarikalaChola. They ruled a large part of Andhra Pradesh during the 11th and 12th Centuries. This family were the Chieftains to Kakatiyas and KalyaniChalukyas and ruled over the Nellore region.

The obverse side of this gold debased Gadyana depicts Garuda walking right. The reverse side of this coin is inscribed with Kannada legend “Danava- Murari- Bantaru”.

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