Muhammad Bin Tughluq Gold Tanka listed for 200000

28 Jan 2022  Fri

This gold tanka issued by Delhi Sultan Muhammad Bin Tughluq; is listed for INR 200000 in the upcoming online auction of Oswal Antiques, which will be held in Mumbai on 19th February 2022.

Muhammad bin Tughluq was the Sultan of Delhi. He was the eldest son of Ghiyath-ud-din Tughluq of the Tughluq dynasty. He came to power in AD 1325. He was a brilliant ruler. He was a man with innovative thoughts that were far ahead of his time.

This gold tanka was issued by Muhammad Bin Tughluq during his rule in Delhi Sultanate. This gold was minted in ShahrTughluqabad and it weighs around 10.98g. The obverse side of this gold tanka is inscribed as; "Abh’lMuzaffarTughluq Shah Al-Sultan Anara Allah Burhanahu”. The reverse side of this gold tanka is inscribed as “Al sultan Al-Sa’id Al Shahid Al-Ghazi Ghiyath Al-DunyaWa’l din”.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Antiques

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