Exquisite Coin of Rewa

11 Jan 2022  Tue

According to legend, Rewa state was founded in 1140. From 5th October 1812, Rewa became a British protectorate. Raja Ramachandra Singh Baghela encouraged musicians in his court, including Tansen. Maharaja Vikramadityag shifted his capital to Rewa in 1617.

Rewa or Rewah princely state was the largest state of Bagelkhand Agency and the second largest in Central India Agency. It lies between the United Provinces to the north, Bengal to the east, Central Provinces to the south, and the west side by Maihar, Nagod, Sohawal, Kothi Baghelan, and Panna. The Bagelkhand Agency was dissolved in 1933 and so Rewa was placed into Indore Residency. It was the first princely state to declare Hindi as a state language during the reign of Maharaja Gulab Singh. It was also popular for its white tigers.

Ruler Jai Singh Deo of Rewa state had issued copper 2 Paisa coin. The coin has Persian legends inscribed on it.

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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