100 Years of Mexican Revolution

06 Jan 2022  Thu

On September 29, 2009, The Bank of Mexico unveiled a set of commemorative banknotes. The 100-peso denomination note commemorates the centennial of the beginning of the Mexican Revolution.

As the main motif, the banknote displays a locomotive transporting revolutionary troops, representing the armed movement that started in 1910. Next to the locomotive is one of the most emblematic images of the Mexican Revolution, the camp followers, or the Adelita (picture from the Casasola archive).

The main element is a fragment of the mural entitled "From the Porfirio Regime to the Revolution", also known as "The Revolution against Porfirio’s Dictatorship", by Mexican Painter and Muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros. It displays armed people surrounding the Leader of the triumphant Revolution. This mural can be found in the Revolution Room, in the National History Museum located inside the Chapultepec Castle.

Image Courtesy: numisbids.com

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