Mungo Foot Prints on Australia Coin

06 Jan 2022  Thu

The Mungo footprints, in the Willandra Lakes Region World Heritage Area, are the oldest preserved footprints ever found in Australia and the largest set of ice age footprints in the world. The Royal Australian Mint celebrates these precious glimpses into our past with a 2021 Dollar 1 Silver Proof Coin and a 2021 20c Uncirculated Coin.

The coin design is dominated by an incused representation of a preserved Mungo footprint, surrounded by the cracks and fissures of the petrified lakebed. A map of Australia is formed by some of the cracks. The word ‘Millennia’ has been added to identify the 20,000 years that have passed since the footprints were made. The title ‘Willandra Lakes Trackway’ is included to give the site its official title.

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