Tajikistan New 100-Somoni Note

05 Jan 2022  Wed

The somoni is the currency of Tajikistan. It is subdivided into 100 dirams. The currency is named after the father of the Tajik nation, Ismail Samani. The somoni was introduced on 30 October 2000 which replaced the Tajikistani ruble. In 2021, the National Bank of Tajikistan issued a 100 somoni banknote which is similar to the original issue.

The banknote depicts in the front Tajik text along with a coat of arms and the portrait of Ismoil Somoni - the founder of the first centralized state and the bank logo. The Back of the banknote depicts English and Tajik text, bank logo, the portrait of Kohi Navruz palace, national flag along with the denomination, and coat of arms.

Image Courtesy: banknotenews.com

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