Baldev Ramji Mirdha Commemorative Stamp

31 Dec 2021  Fri

Baldev Ramji Mirdha was a great social reformer of the Marwar region in Rajasthan. He was the founder of Marwar Kisan Sabha’ and ‘Rajasthan Kisan Sabha’. Baldev Ram Mirdha is popularly known as Kisan-Kesari.

After completing education, BaldevRamjiMirdha joined the police service in Princely State Jodhpur State. He was appointed; as sub-inspector in 1923 CE. Later, in 1926 he was promoted to Superintendent of Police in 1926 and Deputy Inspector General in 1943. When he became Deputy Inspector General, he realizes the problem of farmers of the Marwar region of Rajasthan and resigned from his post in 1947 for the cause of poor farmers.

He decided to fight for farmer cause and demand for settlement of Jagir lands to cash rents, abolition of cesses, abolition of judicial powers of the Jagirdars, for due for Kisans in Govt. Service and so on.

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