Silver Tanka of Danujamarddan Deva Listed For INR 1,70,000

17 Dec 2021  Fri

Danujamarddan Deva; was born to a Hindu family as Raja Ganesh, the ancestors of Raja Ganesh, were the landlords was a landlord of Bhaturia, and according to Francis Buchanan Hamilton, he was the Hakim (Governor) of Dinajpur. Raja Ganesh was appointed as an officer in the Ilyas Shah dynasty. He took advantage of the weakness of the Ilyas Shah Dynasty and tried to capture the power in Bengal. He sat on the throne of Bengal with the title Danujamarddan Deva and ruled the Bengal from Hijri Year 819 till 821 CE.

This silver Tanka was issued by king Danujamarddan Deva, from the mint Chatigrama (Chatgaon) mint, weighs around 9.03g. The obverse of this coin is inscribed with ‘Sri SriDanuja Marddana Deva’. The reverse of the coin is inscribed with ‘Sri ChandiCharanaParayana’.

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