The Typically Dutch: Bitterballen

13 Dec 2021  Mon

PostNL has released a stamp depicting he typical and traditional Dutch bitterball. The round version of the croquette used to be eaten accompaniment to a bittertje, a strong alcoholic herbal drink as gin.

This stamp was designed by graphic designer Edwin Van Praet from Total Design in Amsterdam. It also the last issue of typical Dutch Series that PostNL is publishing this year.

This meatball dish called bitterballen is a peculiar Dutch dist generally eaten to soak up large quantities of beer. These crispy, fried delicacies traditionally contain beef and a savoury white sauce that mixes together to form a delicious, creamy roux.

The first mention of bitterballen is found in dictionary from 1946. Today the vegetarian bitterballen are trending.

Image Courtesy: rarestampsvalue

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