Santnamdeo Commemorative Stamp

07 Dec 2021  Tue

Santnamdeo was an Indian poet and saint of the medieval period in the Indian state of Maharashtra. He was the precursor of bhakti reformers like Kabir, Ekanath, Tukaram, and others. He wrote poems in the Marathi language.

Namdeo wrote many abhangas (hymns), He is popular in states like Maharashtra and Punjab. Some of his verses are included in the adigranth (“First Book”), the sacred scriptures of Sikhism. Most of the Philosophy of santnamdeo contains both nirguna and saguna Brahman elements, with monistic themes. The legacy of Namdeo in the modern days is remembered in Varkari tradition, along with the other guru's masses of people walk together in biannual pilgrimages to Pandharpur in south Maharashtra.

The Indian government issued the above commemorative stamp to commemorate his 700th Birth Anniversary in 1970.

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