KailashNathKatju Commemorative Stamp

24 Nov 2021  Wed

KailashNathKatju was one of the most prominent lawyers and prominent politicians of India. He also served India as Governor of Orissa and West Bengal, Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, the Union Home Minister, and the Union Defense Minister.

KailashNathKatju was born on 17th June 1887 in the Princely State of Jaora. He completed his graduation from Forman Christian College in Lahore and Muir Central College in Allahabad, later; he completed his Doctor of Law from the University of Allahabad. After completing his post-graduation in 1919, he enrolled himself as an advocate of Allahabad High Court Bar.

During the freedom struggle, KailashNathKatju defended several political prisoners in controversial cases including Meerut Conspiracy Case and military officers in the INA trials. He was also imprisoned for almost 18 months due to his participation in Civil Disobedience Movement; he was again imprisoned for nine-month during Quit India Movement in August 1942.

KailashNathKatju was elected as LokSabha from Mandsaur in present-day Madhya Pradesh. He eventually became Chief Minister of the state in 1957 and held this post until 1962. He passed away on 17th February 1968.

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