Commemorative Stamp on Telugu Poet Vemana

26 Oct 2021  Tue

Vemana, popularly known as Yogi Vemana was an Indian philosopher and famous Telugu language poet; Poems written by him are very simple and can be read by anyone. He was the fabulous saint of Andhra Pradesh.

Yogi Vemana was born in Kadapa to the king of Kondaveedu, Andhra Pradesh. His childhood name was PidepalaPulla.

Poems written by yogi Vemana are now colloquial phrases of the Telugu language. Many of his poems end up with the signature line Viswadaabhi Raama Vinura Vema, literally Beloved of Viswada, listen Vema. There are many interpretations of what the last line signifies.

This commemorative stamp was issued by the Indian government in 1972 to commemorate him and his work.

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