Bhai Vir Singh Commemorative Stamp

27 Oct 2021  Wed

Vir Singh was an Indian poet, scholar, and theologian of the Sikh revival movement. He played a vital part in the renewal of the Punjab literary tradition. He is responsible for raising the Punjabi language to a literary level never before attained. Unlike many other youngsters, Vir Singh did not take up a government job. He completed his education and chooses writing as his career and set up a lithograph press with one of his father’s friends, Wazir Singh.

Vir Singh developed a keen interest in the Sikh movement. One of the main aims of this society was to increase awareness among the people in the teachings of the Sikh gurus and to promote the Gurmukhi script. To promote its aims and objects, he launched the Khalsa Tract Society in 1894. The tracts produced by the Khalsa Tract Society introduced a new style of literary Punjabi.

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