Veer Surendra Sai Commemorative Stamp

28 Oct 2021  Thu

Veer Surendra Sai was an Indian freedom fighter, he sacrifice his entire life fighting against the British East India Company. He gave the British a really tough time when they tried to capture Sambalpur. He spent a total of 37 years in jail out of the 75 years that he lived. Even though Veer Surendra Sai was a great Indian fighter his name is virtually unknown to many Indians.

Veer Surendra Sai was a direct descendant of Madhukar sai, king of Sambalpur; therefore he was eligible as a candidate to be crowned as king of Sambalpur after the demise of King Maharaja Sai in 1827. But, British Empire did not accept this and ignored his claim for succession. This is when began the ‘resistance’ movement in Odisha and Surendra Sai’s journey of becoming a hero for all of us.

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