Shimmering Silver Coins of Orchha State

20 Oct 2021  Wed

Vikramajit Mahendra issued a silver Nazarana or 2 Rupees in name of Shah Alam from Orchha mint in 1214 Anno Hijri. The obverse of the coin depicts, “King’s Name and title with AH date”. And the reverse of the coin depicts, “RY date, Mint mark, Zarb and Julus formula”.

Orchha princely state was under the Bundelkhand Agency of the British Raj in Central India. It was bounded on the north and west by the Jhansi District of the United Provinces; on the south by the Saugor District of the Central Provinces and by the States of Bijawar and Panna and on the east by the States of Charkhari and Bijawar and by the Garraulijagir.

This state gave a marvelous piece of architecture such as the Chaturbhuj temple and Raj Mandir. The state was the oldest and highest in the rank of all the Bundela states. The state was entitled to 15 gun salutes by the British authority. It had an area of 2,080 square miles.

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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