Sterling Silver Coin from Orchha

18 Oct 2021  Mon

Vikramajit Mahendra issued a silver Rupee coin in the name of Shah Alam from Orchha mint in 1211 Anno Hijri. The obverse of the coin depicts, “King’s Name and title with AH date”. And the reverse of the coin shows, “RY date, Mint mark, Zarb and Julus formula”. The Bundela chief, Rudra Pratap Singh established the Orchha state and became its first ruler. He built the fort at Orchha on the bank of Betwa River. In 1531, he shifted his capital from Garhkundar to Tikamgarh. He was succeeded by his son Bharatichand. He died without any heir and so he was succeeded by his younger brother Madhukar Shah. The Orchha rulers had to resist attacks of Afghan Shah Suri and the Mughal Emperor, Akhbar. These attacks were noted by the poet Keshavdas and by Abu Fazl in Akbarnama. Another important ruler, Vir Singh was a vassal of the Mughal Empire. He assassinated Abu Fazl while returning from Deccan. He is described by one of the historians as, “the most famous and most powerful of all the Orchha Chiefs. Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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