Sparkling Silver Rupee of Jhalawar

16 Oct 2021  Sat

Herewith, the image is of a silver rupee issued from Jhalawar Princely state. The coin is remarked by Series: New "Madan Shahi". The obverse of the coin deciphers, “Inscription of ‘... Victoria Badshah Inglistan’”. And the reverse of the coin says, “Sanah 7 and julus formula”.

Jhalawar Princely state was situated in Kathiawar Agency, Bombay. Its name originated from the Jhala Rajputs. It was covered across an area of around 3,978 square miles and its population in 1901 was 3, 05,138. The average density was 76 persons per square mile. It was bounded by Kota to the north and north-east side, Rampura-Bhanpura of Indore and Agra to the north-west and west side, Sitamau and Jaora to the south-west and Pirawa of Tonk and Rampura-Bhanpura of the east side. The main rivers of the state were Chambal and Kali Sindh.

It was once named Brijnagar. It was founded by Rajput, JhalaZalim Singh who was the Diwan of Kotah state. It was entitled to 15 gun salutes by the British authority. Its flag was rectangular in shape and pink in colour.

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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