Martyrs of Solapur on Stamp

16 Oct 2021  Sat

On the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of Indian Independence (Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav), India Post has issued a special commemorative stamp honoring The Four Great Martyrs of Solapur.

Maalappa Dhanshetti, Shri. Kisan Sarda, Shri. Jagannath Shinde and Shri. Kurban Hussain is known to be the great martyr of Sholapur in the Freedom Movement of India. The importance of Solapur is unique in the history of India in the sense that this district enjoyed freedom even before independence. The citizens of Solapur enjoyed Independence for three days from 9th to 11th May 1930.

In 1930 Gandhi was arrested which stirred public resentment throughout the country. Many citizens lost their lives in the Police firings. Due to this, the irate mob attacked the Police Stations. Out of fear the Police and other officers ran out of Solapur. for a period of three days from 9th to 11th May 1930 the responsibility of law, order, and security of citizens was on the shoulders of congress party leaders.

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