Akbar Silver Rupee Sold For INR 85,000

12 Oct 2021  Tue

This silver Nazarana rupee issued by Mughal Emperor Jalal-ud-din Muhammad Akbar is listed for INR 85,000 in an auction of Oswal Antiques that was held on October 1, 2021.

This silver Rupee was issued by Muhammad Jalal-ud-din Akbar during the 44th year of his reign from the mint Agra during the month Farwardin.

The obverse side of this silver rupee is inscribed ‘Allahu Akbar at the top, Jale Jalaluhu at the bottom. Within dotted circle. The reverse side of this coin is inscribed as ‘Ilahi month Farwardin at the top, mint name Agra, and RY 44 at the bottom’ within a dotted circle.

This very rare coin is in Extremely Fine condition.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Antiques

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