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2C Red Coil stamp offered for 28,000 dollars

28 Sep 2021  Tue

Robert A Siegel is about to sell ‘The James Depew Collection of Superb United States coils and 20th century imperforates’, this collection is praised for its finest condition collection of these issues. one of the finest specimen of this collection is the rare mint never-hinged 2c Red Coil joint line paor (Type I) with an exceptional centre and wide margins all around only few specimen of this stamp exist in this condition.

The 2c type I rotary plate was used very briefly to make vertical coils issued in late 1915. Due to curve of the plate to fit the rotary press, the impression lacked some of the detail of the flat plate printing.

The current specimen by the auction house in Mint N.H. condition, with good choice of centring and colour. It is the major rarity. The auction will take place on May 22nd and price proposed for this specimen is 28,000 dollars.

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