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Battle of Alma Commemorative Stamp

20 Sep 2021  Mon

The Battle of Alma is a battle fought for river Alma, a small river situated in Crimea; it flows between the Crimean Mountains, in a broadly west-north-west direction to the Black Sea. Battle of Alma was a fight between allied expeditionary forces, made up of French, British, and Egyptian; forces and Russian forces defending the Crimean Peninsula on 20 September 1854.

The Battle of Alma is considered the first battle of the Crimean War. The Battle of Alma was the war that arose with the conflict of great powers in the Middle East. Most likely, the battle took place with the increasing Russian demands to exercise protection over the orthodox subject of the Ottoman Sultan.

Battle of Alma; was won by Allied force, Russian position collapsed, and they fled. The lack of cavalry meant that little pursuit occurred.

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