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Lord of the Rings on stamp

14 Sep 2021  Tue

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of ‘The Lord of The Rings : the fellowship of the Ring’. Which was produced in 2001, New Zealand Post issued a set of Spectacular stamps. The Issue is an impressive addition to the philatelic release introduced by NZ Post to mark the beginning of the popular movie series in 2001.
These new 20th anniversary stamps show original painting by Welling artist Sacha lees, who worked as illustrator, sculptor and concept artist on the famous trilogy. Each item is devoted to one of the key moments of ‘The Lord of the Rings: the fellowship of the Ring’.
The well known scene when Gandalf rides up to meet Bilbo of the Bag ends. The hiding from the black Rider shows Frodo and Sam who began their burdensome mission of destroying the one ring. The prancing Pony stamp featuring Frodo and his Hobbit friends Sam, Pippin and merry sipping ale at the Prancing pony in Bree where they first meet Aragon.
Flight of the ford is devoted to the scene after a Black Rider stabbed Frodo. It also Showcase Arwen the eleven Princess galloping on her horse through a prairie and a wood to the safety of the river.
Image Courtesy: rarestampvalue