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Henry Ford Car

30 Jul 2021  Fri

Henry Ford was an American industrialist, business magnate, and the founder of Ford Motor Company. He was the person who created the first automobile that the middle man could afford. He created the revolution in the automobile company by converting the automobile from an expensive curiosity into an accessible conveyance that profoundly impacted the landscape of the 20th century.

In 1892, Henry Ford created the first gasoline-powered powered automobile named Quadricycle because it ran on four bicycle tires. In 1896, he constructed his first model car, the Ford Quadricycle. In 1898, he was awarded his first patent for a Carburetor. In 1903, he established the Ford Motor Company, and after five years, the company rolled out the First Model T.

Motel T was the first car to be affordable for most Americans, in October 1908 and continued its construction until 1927. In 1927, Henry Ford and his son Edsel introduced another successful car, the Model A, and the Ford Motor Company grew into an industrial behemoth.

Image Courtesy: colnect.com

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