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Silver Drachm of Sasanian King Ardashir

29 Jul 2021  Thu

The Sasanian Empire was an ancient Iranian Dynasty; this dynasty is known as Neo-Persian Empire by historians as it was the last pre-Islamic Persian Empire, established in 224 CE by Ardeshir I, son of Papak, a descendant of Sasan.

Ardashir I was the son of Babak and the founder of the Sasanian Empire, The Sasanian dynasty ruler for over four centuries until the overthrown of the Rashidun Caliphate in 651. This dynasty had fought with the Romans several times, they resist their attempts to inflict revenge and survive until finally overthrown by the Muslim Caliphate in 651.

This silver drachm that weighs around 4.4g was issued by Sasanian king Ardhashir from the mint Ctesiphon during his rule in Sasanian Empire. The obverse of this coin depicts the bust of the king facing towards the right wearing a diadem and close headdress with korymbos and no earflaps. The reverse of this coin depicts a Fire altar with a diadem, pellet on the altar.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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