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Sun-Rises on Rajkot Princely State Gold Coin

20 Jul 2021  Tue

Rajkot Princely state was a part of the Kathiawar Agency of the Bombay Province. It was entitled to 9 gun salutes by the British authority. The capital city, Rajkot was located in the Halar region of Kathiawar on the banks of the Aji River. It was ruled by different rulers in different eras. It also played an important role in India’s independence struggle. It was also the home town of ‘Father of Nation’, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

Presently, Rajkot is the 26th largest city in India and the 22nd fastest growing town in the world as per City Mayor World’s statistics. The origin of rulers is traced from Kumar Shri VibhojiAjoji, grandson of Jam Shri Satarsal [Sataji] Vibhaji Sahib of Jadeja clan of Rajput who ruled at Jamnagar. He was taken to Delhi prison after his father’s death in the Battle of Bhuchar Mori. There, he was guarded under the guardianship of Jodhaji Soda who was the maternal uncle of Akbar’s wife.

DharmendraSinghji of Rajkot Princely State had issued a gold Mohur at Rajkot mint in 1945 Anno Domini. The front side of the coin depicts sunrise and Rajkot state legends in English. The backside of the coin features, running Deer above crescent, Ranje Dharma Praja Raja in Gujarati written on crescent, Trident, Mint name and Date.

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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