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Gadhaiya Coins

19 Jun 2021  Sat

Found from many regions in Northern India, the Gadhaiya Coins were imitations of Indo-Sassanian influence and are of the Silver Drachma type. They represent a period from 850AD to 950AD.

They follow the weight of their proto-types i.e. 67 grains and are called drammas. The Indo-Sassanian coins, in their early stage, are of thin flat fabric like their prototypes. But gradually they grew thicker and shrank in size and appeared like pellets. These later types are particularly known as Madhya coins.

Sassanian elements are virtually absent: on the obverse, a vestigial head which in its latest form resembles a spade or footprint; on the reverse, a series of lines and dots appear. They continued to be the accepted coin of the realm till the conquest of Ala-ud-din Khilji of the province at the close of the 13th century.

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