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Royal Canadian Mint Captures Klondike Gold Rush

17 May 2021  Mon

The Royal Canadian Mint has launched two new gold coins that mark important chapters in Canadian history. One of them is pure gold bullion coins inaugurating a new series dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the famous Klondike Gold Rush.

In August 1896, Keish (Skookum Jim Mason), his nephew Kàa Goox (Dawson Charlie), Shaw Tlàa (Kate Carmack), and her husband, George Carmack, discovered gold nuggets in Rabbit (Bonanza) Creek in Canada’s Yukon Territory. This amazing find sparked a three-year stampede of prospectors seeking riches in the far northern wilderness.

The reverse of this coin features the artwork of Steve Hepburn. His illustration of a miner’s hands holding a gold pan is one of the most enduring symbols of the Gold Rush. The gravel inside the pan and the water shimmering within it as the material is rinsed to reveal precious gold flecks are engraved in exquisite details. Water pouring out of the pan over the coin’s security mark also brings the scene to life. The coin bears the signature radial lines of all Mint bullion coins, as well as a micro-engraved maple leaf mark showing the number 21 to correspond to its year of issue.

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