Reign of Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I

03 May 2021  Mon

Bayezid I was the Ottoman Sultan from 1389 to 1402. He was the son of Murad I and Gulcicek Hatun. He built one of the largest armies in the known world at the time and unsuccessfully besieged Constantinople.

Bayezid adopted the title of Sultan-i Rum, Rum being an old Islamic name for the Roman Empire. He decisively defeated the Crusaders at Nicopolis (in modern Bulgaria) in 1396, and was himself defeated and captured by Timur at the Battle of Ankara.

To build a strong Islamic and Turkish base for his domain, Bayezid began to widen Ottoman suzerainty over the Turkish-Muslim rulers in Anatolia. He annexed various Turkmen emirates in Anatolia and defeated the Karaman emirate at Akcay (1397). These conquests brought Bayezid into conflict with the Central Asian conqueror Timur Tamerlane. In a confrontation between Bayezid and Timur in Cubukovas? near Ankara (July 1402), Bayezid was defeated; he died in captivity.

Depicted here is silver issued under reign. The obverse of a coin depicts Bayezid Bin Murad. While, the reverse of a coin inscribed with “Khallada mulkahu 792”.

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