Magellan’s Voyage on Philippine's Bank Note

06 Apr 2021  Tue

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), the Philippine central bank, in cooperation with the National Quincentennial Committee (NQC), launched the note on 17th January 2021 on the 500th anniversary of the “Victory at Mactan.” Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan was killed in this battle, leaving the surviving crew to complete the world’s first circumnavigation without him.

The Philippines commemorated the 1521 Filipino chief Lapu-Lapu and the voyage on a commemorative 5,000-Piso note. The note’s face depicts a young Lapu-Lapu along with an image of the battle of Mactan, the QCP logo, and a karakoa, the large outrigger warship the Filipinos used.

The back shows a Philippine eagle, the manaol, a symbol of clear vision, freedom, and strength, and of, the BSP says, the ancient regional belief that all living creatures originated from an eagle. A coconut tree represents food the islanders initially provided to Magellan and his crew; and Mount Apo is where Magellan’s crew finally found directional clues to their intended destination, the Spice Islands (Maluku).

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