Emperor Jovian of the Roman Empire

17 Feb 2021  Wed

Jovian was Roman emperor from June 363 to February 364.

Jovian took part in the expedition of the emperor Julian against Sasanian Persia. He held the rank of senior staff officer and was proclaimed emperor by his troops after Julian was killed on June 26, 363.

With the army exhausted, provisions running low, and unable to cross the Tigris, he sought peace with the Sasanids on humiliating terms. After his arrival at Edessa, Jovian was petitioned by bishops over doctrinal issues concerning Christianity and by September 363, he had reestablished Christianity as the state religion.

As a Christian, Jovian disapproved of paganism, which had been encouraged under his predecessor. Magical practises were forbidden and gifts to churches restored. His return to Constantinople would be cut short by his death at Dadastana. Jovian reigned only eight months.

His gold Solidus depicts the pearl diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right on the obverse face. The reverse of a coin represents Roma seated facing and Constantinopolis seated left, holding between them a shield; Roma is helmeted and holding sceptre, Constantinople is turreted, foot on prow, and holding sceptre.

Image Source: Wikipedia.org

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