Antonio López de Santa Annas

12 Feb 2021  Fri

Antonio López de Santa Anna was one of the most notorious military caudillos of 19th-century Mexico. He was an Mexican Soldier and had also served Mexico as President for six times.

Santa Anna was born in Vera Cruz, Mexico, on February 21, 1794. At the age of 16, he entered the Spanish army and started his military career. He fought against Mexican independence, but switched sides in 1821 and helped Mexico win independence.

In the year 1829, he gained much prestige, when he fought against Spain's attempt to re-conquer Mexico, and he became known as the Hero of Tampico. He also served and got involved in almost every major of the early national period and served as president on six different occasions (1833–1835, 1839, 1841–1843, 1843–1844, 1846–1847, and 1853–1855).

This commemorative stamp was issued by Malta to commemorate him in the year 2006.

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