Last ruler of the Qajar Dynasty

21 Jan 2021  Thu

Ahmad Shah Qajar was the seventh and last ruler of the Qajar dynasty. He was declared shah of Iran on 16 July 1909, the same day his father, Mohammad- Ali Shah (1906-1909), was deposed.

Ahmad Shah was formally crowned on 21 July 1914, upon reaching his majority. He attempted to fix the damage done by his father by appointing the best ministers he could find. He was, however, an ineffective ruler who was faced with internal unrest and foreign intrusions, particularly by the British Empire and the Russian Empire. Russian and British troops fought against the Ottoman Empire forces in Persia during World War I.

It is alleged that Ahmad Shah was one of the most selfish kings of Iran while others regard him as a strong ruler, interested in attending to the matters of government. Due to his young age, a regent, his uncle Ali Reza Khan Azod al-Molk, took charge of his affairs. However, his lavish lifestyle did not gain him any favors with the Persian people.

In 1923, Ahmad Shah left Persia for Europe for health reasons. Later, the formal termination of the Qajar Dynasty by the Majles turned Ahmad Shah's 1923 European tour into exile. The above shown 10 Shahi stamp issued to commemorate Ahmad Shah Qajar.

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