Hawai?I's First Paper Money

18 Jan 2021  Mon

18th January 1778 is a day when James Cook, one of the world’s greatest explorers discovers the Hawaiian Islands. The Hawaiian Islands are an archipelago of eight major islands. James Cook named the archipelago the “Sandwich Islands” in honour of the then First Lord of the Admiralty John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich.

The dollar or dala was the currency of Hawaii between 1847 and 1898. It was equal to the United States dollar and was divided into 100 cents or keneta. In 1879, the Department of Finance issued Hawai?i's first paper money, silver coin deposit certificates for USD 10, USD 20, USD 50 and USD 100.

The above banknote is the 50 Dollars Hawaii banknote issued in the year 1879. The banknote has Black on the green underprint. The front of the banknote depicts am at left, the allegorical woman at the centre, the girl at right. The reverse on the other hand depicts Arms at the centre.

Image Courtesy: realbanknotes.com

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