Ukraine's Astronaut Souvenir Note

24 Dec 2020  Thu

The National Bank of Ukraine has issued what it calls a commemorative banknote, in vertical format, a souvenir note dedicated to Leonid Kadenyuk, the first astronaut of independent Ukraine. It is not a banknote, just a souvenir, which means that it is not a means of payment and similar to the zero euro souvenir banknotes.

The main image of the obverse of the souvenir banknote is a portrait of Leonid Kadenyuk, above which is the inscription - THE FIRST COSMONAUT OF UKRAINE. Logo of the State Space Agency of Ukraine is on the right. Under the portrait, there are inscriptions: LEONID KADENIUK / 1951 LEONID 2018 / KADENIUK.

The main image of the reverse side is the spacecraft "Columbia" against the background of the planets of the solar system; above it is the inscriptions THE FIRST ASTRONAUT OF UKRAINE. On the right is number 1 and the image of the spaceship with inscriptions: 1997 (under the rocket), 2020 (below). The bottom right has the serial number of the banknote and the inscription - IS NOT A PAYMENT vertically. Along the lower edge of the inscription LEONID KADENYUK, repeated six times.

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