Garuda of Rastrakuta coins

19 Dec 2020  Sat

The coinage of Rashtrakuta is quite complex and scare, most of the coins of Rashtrakuta dynasty consist of epithet or Birudu, and it’s the title of kings’ mentioned on the coin. Few of the famous epithets are Prithvivallabha, Vallabharaja, Maharaja, Khadgavaloka, Akalavarsha. King’s like Dantidurga or Dantivarman have epithets like Prithvivallabha or Vairamegha, Krishna I is also tilted has Akalavarsha or Srivallabha, King Amoghavasha I bears the epithet like Nripatunga or Lakshmivallabha. Each of the Rashtrakuta branches had more than five epithets, it is the tradition followed by the Imperial Rashtrakutas and its branches.

The silver coin in the above image also depicts the crest of the dynasty. It is issued in the title name of the king Shankaragana. The obverse of this coin depicts a figurine of the Garuda in the centre facing right. The wing of the garuda is spread as if he is ready to take a flight. In the reverse, an un-deciphered Brahmi legend is depicted in two lines covering the whole flan within the dotted border.

While studying Rashtrakuta coinage researchers and numismatics found different variation, it was assumed that this difference was due to the widespread of the empire or the different minting units. There can be many reasons, but these coins followed a certain pattern that connects them to Rashtrakuta dynasties like the legend, the title adopted by the king or crest. Hence, when we talk about the systematic classification of the coins, they are differentiated on the basis of metal, type and varieties. Type is based on the obverse design and varieties are based on the reverse design.

Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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