Football Coin

09 Dec 2020  Wed

In 1996, England hosted the tenth European Championship, the Royal Mint struck a special gold Two Pounds coin to celebrated Football. Around 2,100 of these types of coin were issued and are among the rare coin of the United Kingdom.

The obverse of this coin features the design created by Ralph David Maklouf, it illustrates the third major portrait of Queen Elizabeth II facing right. The legend depicts ‘ELZABETH.H.DEI.GRATIA.REGINA.F.D’ above the relief and face value below it. The reverse of this coin depicts a gentle concave surface representing a football, with date 1996 in the two lines in the centre. The designers initial J.M. (John Mills) is visible at the top.

This type of coin came into circulation in 1985 and continued until 1996 inclusive, a total of thirteen years. There are also numbers of unknown coins featuring flat surface or incorrect die, these factors also made these gold coins rarer and worth value of around 1,700 pounds.

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