Greek Banknote with Greek Mythology

21 Nov 2020  Sat

Greek banknotes have a history of 180 years, starting from 1822 and finishing in 2002 when drachma was replaced by the common European currency, Euro. During these years about 300 different banknotes were issued or circulated in Greece and if you count the varieties. This is a 50 Greek Drachmas banknote issued in the year 1978.

The obverse of the coin depicts the Head of Poseidon to right, wearing wreath of sea plant on his flowing locks (Head of Poseidon taken from an Ancient Greek coin a Tetradrachm of Kingdom of Macedonia). On the bottom right, Argus (son of Arestor) builds the ship Argo in which Jason and the Argonauts will sail to Colchis to steal the Golden Fleece: Athena (on the left) adjusts the sail; Tiphys (centre) holds the yard; Argos (on the right) sits across the stern.

The reverse of the coin the detail of the famous oil painting of Laskarina Bouboulina, the heroine of the Greek War of Independence by the German master Peter Von Hess, showing Bouboulina commanding the bombardment of the fortress of Palamidi at Nafplion. Watermark is the Head of Charioteer of Delphi (Heniokhos), commissioned by tyrant Polyzalus, Delphi Archaeological Museum.

These Banknotes were withdrawn from the circulation in 1986.

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