President's Day in the Marshall Islands

17 Nov 2020  Tue

Presidents' Day, in the Marshall Islands, is celebrated on November 17. The date was chosen because it coincides with the birthday of the country's first president, Amata Kabua, who was elected for consecutive terms and served from 1979 until his death in 1996.

Amata Kabua was born on November 17, 1928. His political career began in 1963 when he was elected to the Congress of Micronesia. When the Marshall Islands became a self-governing country in 1979, Kabua was elected the country's first president. Subsequently, he was re-elected in 1983, 1987, 1991, and 1995. Amata Kabua died from a long illness during his fifth presidential term on December 20, 1996. He was succeeded by his cousin Imata Kabul.

In the year 1997, Marshall Islands issued a 32 United States cents stamp to commemorate the life of Te First President of the country. The stamp depicts the portrait of President Amata Kabua along with the Marshallese Text.

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